It is difficult to write an honest narrative about events concerning people who are (mostly) still very much alive, some of whom are likely to read this, and could potentially take offense. I would like to state here that all of the text you are about to read is my own perception of events. I do not claim to know the true motives of those whom I mention in a more negative context, and I do not wish to judge them now. Time has passed since most of these things have happened, and my feelings have, with few exceptions, mellowed. I am simply attempting to share transparently how I felt at the time these things occurred.

      It is an unfortunate fact that there is a dark side to almost all Christian faiths. I wish this were not so, but it would be a lie to pretend otherwise. I do not write about these things with the idea to expose all. I simply wish to be honest about where I have come from and what I have experienced, and how these things have shaped me into the person I am now.

      God is good, and He makes all things beautiful in His time.

      I would like to thank my husband Dan for sticking by me and loving me through all my emotional ups and downs I’ve dealt with since we’ve been together, and for balancing my sometimes-volatile artistic temperament with common sense. I also want to thank my brother Jim for three years of importunate goading to get the harp (and me) out of the closet, and for his patiently advising me through a number of pieces, dropping to my level to play with me sometimes, and for believing that I could do more. And, of course, huge thanks to my proofreaders Ginny, Marie, and Melissa, especially Marie who has done so much more for this project than just proofread. ❤

      I am thankful for the legacy of good solid hymnody given me by my ten-year sojourn in the Mennonite church. I am thankful to all the people to whom I am indebted for Éiden, many of whom I do not even know who they are. I am thankful to my mom for The Story of Mozart. I am thankful to Mozart for K339. And I am most of all thankful to God for the music He has placed burning inside me, and for His grace to enable me to let it out at last.

Laudate Dominum.


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