It is my pleasure to share with you that the Carpenter family and I will be doing a series of concerts in our area (and a bit outside our immediate area as well). We are calling ourselves and this concert Euphony.


Left to right: Jim, Ben, Ethan, Frances and Josiah, Kylie, and yours truly.

Here’s a little bit about the concerts. They are free to attend. We will be taking up a freewill offering during each concert to support two mission projects: first, for Benjamin Carpenter’s mission trip to the Philippines next February, and after that money is raised we will be raising money to support missionary friends through Jesus for Asia. But you are absolutely not required or expected to give to this offering unless you feel moved to do so. We will be happy to share our music with you either way.

The program is a mixture of classical music, traditional hymns and worship songs, and Scripture readings, and is about an hour long. Bring the whole family! There is something for everyone.

To keep track of our concert times and locations more easily, feel free to like us on Facebook, or come check back here. To the right of this page I will be updating with all our concert times as we schedule them. I hope to see you at one of them!

And if you’re interested in having us come to your church, send me a message via the contact page here, and we’ll see what we can arrange!

Here’s a video I put together from footage my husband took of our concert in Stayton on October 18, 2014.




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